Welcome to Carcosa Studios – Creating worlds of cosmic horror.

Carcosa Studios, founded in January 2009, is home to various gaming enthusiest, table-top gamers, musicians, artists, programmers, and writers from around the net all with one thing in common — the desire and courage to delve into the shadows beyond the spheres and create unique pieces of cosmic horror gaming.

Hastur (Founder/Webmaster)

Hastur in ThoughtWhen I started hosting websites I was no stranger to administering online communities. I hailed from the land and era of the computer BBS (back then we were called SysOps). I ran boards such as The Graveyard, The Gabled Window, and Innsmouth BBS (see a theme here?). Over the years I’ve worked for various firms and learned new technologies along the way ranging from software design and development to hardware and network engineering. 

Outside of software development I also fancy myself a bit of a musician. I play a bit of guitar, bass, a little drums, and keyboards. Electronic music was the most natural and have completed one CD that falls into the electronica/trance arena titled “In The Shadow of the Kaos Drum”.  These days however I dabble a bit more with sound engineering, dark ambient and orchestral soundtracks.

While I enjoy learning new technologies my real love is the challenge of pushing older technologies to their limits. I’m a hacker at heart. And if I can tweak it in anyway (even if it breaks a few rules in the process) to make it do what I need, I’ll find a way to do it. 

When not spending time with my wife and daughter I spend my evenings researching ways to create the next great piece of cosmic horror entertainment.